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Woman’s Touch: Dating Do’s And Dont’s For Females


man-looking-at-woman-touch-hairIt can be difficult to be a woman in the dating arena. A lot of things can go wrong for you more than it can for your male counterpart. Plus, men can be really dense about a few things. Well, no worries.

Here are a few tips on what to do and not to do during a date:

1) Timing is important – Timing as in ‘on time’. No matter what they say, there is no such thing as ‘fashionably late’. For the first date, this can give the guy jitters and make him think that you’ve stood him up. For the later dates, having him wait for you in the living room for half an hour with either your roommate, your sister or, worse, your father is not something you want him to do – whether it be for the embarrassing stories or Dad’s ‘eyes of doom’.

2) Keep your head on straight – Yes, we all know dates are supposed to be fun, but knowing what’s going on is important both for your own safety and for you love life. Is your date acting suspicious or just nervous? Maybe you’d want to end the date early or do something to calm him down. Is he taking notice of what you’re wearing or just ogling? The choice to either wink at him or just stare knowingly is up to you. Is his attention on you or the girl next to you? You might wish to reward him with a smile or a slap. Situational awareness is not just for soldiers on the front but also for young women on the prowl.

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53) Be nice – Have a positive attitude, find things that you like and tell him. Compliment him about his clothes, how he looks and how well the date is going. It puts him at ease and also makes him feel important. It also shows him that you’re taking notice of him and you appreciate him. But, don’t lie. Like I said, look at the bright side of things – the service of the restaurant may have been slow but the ambience was terrific. Try making it into a habit, you aren’t lying – you’re just being diplomatic!

4) Do not complain – This may be technically part of tip three, but it deserves a separate heading. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t tell him that something is wrong or something makes you uncomfortable. The way you phrase it and the tone you use is important here. ‘Venting’, like we do with our girl friends, is not going to go over well with him since he’ll probably misinterpret it. Grin and bear it then tell him after the date in calm, reasoned tones your problem. Trust me, he’ll understand and he’ll try to make it up to you.

5) Enjoy the date – A date is a chance to get to know each other and to enjoy yourselves. Have fun during the date. Try not to be hyper-critical and just take things in stride. If you’re not having fun, your date will notice and, trust me, he will get nervous which will probably start ruining the experience for both of you. Also, just let your guard down for a little while. Let him see the real you. He may or may not like it, but in the end he will appreciate the honesty of the act. Besides, if he doesn’t like you for you, why should you keep on dating?

6) Afterwards, show interest – If you really like the guy, waiting for the call after a successful date is nerve-wracking. You know he’s interested and you’re definitely interested, you’re just waiting for him to call you so you could arrange another date. Try giving him a day or two. He usually has to get his act together and work up the courage to call. If he doesn’t call, he’s probably still tongue-tied from being in your presence. Call him up to say hello. Talk about the date and how you had fun and give hints. No matter how dense he will pick up on it and he’ll probably be asking you for another date!

7) Be consistent – For those who’ve crossed the ‘First Date’ Rubicon, try maintaining the impression you made on him on that first date. Men don’t like surprises except, of course, if they plan them. This doesn’t mean, however, that you’ll just give him the first date you. Talk to each other, both on and off dates, to get to know each other more. What he got on the first date was a sneak peek, what he should get from your continued dating should be the entire reel.

Well, there they are seven tips for dating success! Hopefully, this advice could help lead you through today’s tough tangle of relationships. Happy hunting!

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    Single Dating Places United Kingdom

A Dating Story From My Youth


banner1Matt Matcherson is a writer musician and humorist. Sometimes he even writes funny music. His site MatchTales brings dating stories, site reviews and free dating support forums to the web.

One of my first “Big Dates” was a Cotillion dance in 8th grade…or was it seventh? Cotillion was an attempt by a local “grande dame” to nurture refined manners in a group of young teens along with ballroom dancing instruction. I think it was a truly nerve wracking experience for most of us! Once a week we would walk a couple blocks from the middle school to the K of C Hall located on the 3rd floor of a downtown building. A virtual skyscraper in our town! Guys wanting a little money would hang about by the door and help the instructor out of her car …open the door. These kind of brownie points paid a couple bucks cash! If you were really good you would carry some of her stuff up the 3 flights of worn wooden stairs. It was one of those buildings that are mystifyingly old…the major mystery to me being that they haven’t burned down!

We would then partner up and learn the rhumba, the foxtrot, the bossa nova, jitterbug, waltz etc. Every so often we would switch partners and during the session you would dance with each of the 50 girls a couple times. All very open stance and supervised…but still at that age, and for a nerdy guy still in his Clark Kent frames it was something of a thrill.

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embedJenny (names have been changed to protect the sweet and innocent) was a cute little girl from my neighborhood. She lived about 4 blocks away so I only saw her when I was walking home. Her family had a tree between the sidewalk and street with a trunk that was curved from years of kids passing by and jumping up to hang from it…at least I think I wasn’t the only one! Many days Jenny would be waiting by that tree till I passed by and smile nervously saying “Hi”. I too would say “Hi”. Sometimes I even said it first! But always continuing on my way. God only knows what disasters would have occured if I had stopped to talk any further! But this was earthshaking stuff making my head spin on the rest of my walk home.

Well this brazen flirting continued and the pitch of her “Hi’s” became higher and happier. When it was time to invite someone to the dance I found the number in the phone book and spent an hour or so making myself nervous. One of Jenny’s 300 sisters answered the phone and I heard much yelling for her and thumping up and down stairs…I nearly hung up in fear! This was much worse than when the german shephard down the street was chomping on my leg as I rode past on my bike!

I don’t remember the conversation with Jenny…I may have blacked out. But I know it was successful because weeks later I found myself at her house in a suit in this predicament with an enourmous corsage and no clue of how to pin it to her dress. Thankfully her mother came to the rescue. Her mom still laughs about that when she see’s me.

After that awkward scene things got better. We sat with friends and ate, all joking around. Jenny and I actually remembered the different dances and impressed the leader of the orchestra a little. Music, friends and dancing with a childhood crush. There was nothing more to it than that. Really when compared to some of my more recent dates, it is perfect in comparison.

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    Single Dating Places United Kingdom

Meet New People Through Free Dating Website


carousel-image1In a world where people don’t have time for their families, there is even less time to make new friends, develop a relationship, or communicate with new people. Free dating website give you ways and means of doing so and that too by investing very little time and effort.

People in the 21st century have very little time and are hell bent on saving money. They need quick fix solutions for all their needs and problems. There are some other people who are coming up with some unique and innovative solutions to solve these problems. Whatever their social or economic status all people need that special someone to interact with, communicate or develop a special relationship with. Well, free dating website have come as the definitive answer for the satisfaction of such needs as they allow one to meet new people through the use of their services.

Free dating website give one the freedom to express their views, in a way they want to. This is because they can choose the person they want to interact with, by going through the numerous profiles that are available on such sites. The hobbies, interests, purpose, and preferences of a person are listed in his/her online profile. All a person needs to do is to choose someone who has the same likes and dislikes and thus there is no need for a pretentious communication.

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london_dating_rectangle2Some people are more reserved than others. They take time to open up. In the normal process of dating, such people are extremely handicapped by their personality. More often than not they do not have much of a success while dating. However, free dating website give such people an opportunity to take their time, get comfortable, and then open up with the people they are interested in. For them, free dating website provide as boons in disguise. There is a large pool of people that you can choose from when you are a member of such sites. You are no longer restricted by a dearth of numbers. Frankly, you will be amazed at the amount of people whom you can relate to on free dating website, with regards to their preferences, personality, hobbies, and interests.

Meeting people online is a great way to form lasting relationships. However, do not think that you can adopt a casual approach and develop a strong personal bond with somebody you are interested in. A casual approach will at best lead to a casual relationship. You must be well aware of facets like responsibility and accountability, if you want to develop a serious relationship with somebody you have met on this free dating website. You need to be truthful to yourself and also with the person concerned. An Internet relationship built on lies and wrong information will be as unsuccessful as a normal relationship forged on untruth.

Free dating website set the ground for two interested people to meet face-to-face. The great thing about such a meeting is that you already might know a lot of things about the person whom you are going out with. This makes you feel comfortable and more sure of your abilities to impress or engage the interest of the other person. All in all free dating website enable you to meet the people of your choice and hence they have been very successful in connecting two people sharing similar needs.

When you use the service of dating websites, you are assured of one thing – you will never be lonely again.

  • Single Dating Places United Kingdom
    Single Dating Places United Kingdom

Is A Dating Franchise The Right Business For You?


3W9T2675A dating business might be the right franchise opportunity for you if you want to work from home and enjoy meeting new people.

The numbers of single people are rising all the time as people leave marriage for later and divorce rates are on the increase. People are now working longer hours than before and often need a helping hand to meet the right person.

In the past most members of dating agencies were people in their late twenties and early thirties. This is now no longer the case as people are now living longer and looking for a partner later on in life. Some older people might have got divorced or lost their partner due to unfortunate circumstance.

It is normally an internet based concept where people share knowledge about themselves and it is up to the software programme and yourself to match people together. Often a house visit is required whereby you meet the person looking for a partner in the privacy of their own home.

This is a chance for you to get to know the person so that it becomes easier for you to find the right match for them. It is therefore important to have decent interpersonal skills, computer literacy and some communication skills.

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Once the people have been matched together then it is time to arrange a meeting. It is important that the first meeting is held at a public place. To facilitate more open dating in a safe environment, the dating franchises host singles parties, day trips and dinner parties.

Some dating franchises now provide speed dating events where people all come dressed up and spend a few minutes talking to each other before moving to the next candidate. Speed dating takes a lot of organisation but can be fun for the participants!

business datingOne of the best features about a dating franchise is that very little stocks are required as you are not selling any products. Another strong feature is that the business can often be run from home as you can hire venues for people to meet.

Some venues like restaurants and bars will even allow you to meet at no cost because they know that your clients will spend money there whilst mingling with prospective partners.

In the new social environment it is possible to get repeat business even if you did find a good match the first time as people are more fickle now and likely to move from one relationship to another.

If you do decide to buy into a dating franchise make sure you speak to other franchisees to find out how they are faring. With this type of business it is often better to go for an established brand that already has internet presence.

You might have to pay more but you will benefit from their national coverage, fully prepared marketing material and advertising campaigns.

Some of the newer dating franchises are not so well established and struggle to provide customers to their new franchisees. Their training programmes are not as slick and their marketing materials have not been developed fully.

Training is often provided at the headquarters of the company or is sometimes done in a nice hotel. It is normally between a few days and a week in length.

Finally always take independent expert advice before signing any papers and embarking on a new business. A dating franchise could be potentially lucrative if you buy into the right concept.

  • Single Dating Places United Kingdom
    Single Dating Places United Kingdom

New Old Tips For Blind Dating


blind-date-tipsA blind date is when two people who are perfectly strangers to each other or who may not know that much about each other are being set up on a date by either family or friends or may both be setting it up themselves should they happen to meet online.

A blind date can be exciting as you get to meet a new person and discover things about him/her but it can also be very uneasy at the same time as you are totally clueless of the other person’s personality and what possible topics for conversation would you happen to be able to connect with. Plus, there is always the fear of having a bad date or having a good one but with your date feeling that you haven’t made a connection at all.

For any blind date, avoid making high expectations. While your friend for example may be raving all about how good looking or the great personality that your date has, you may be having too much expectations and when they are not met will get you disappointed. Good looks and judging if an individual has a great personality are totally subjective. It is best to keep an open mind.

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man-and-woman-having-mealIf you are the guy on a blind date and would be making the shots, it is best to plan your date. While having no plans and just deciding on an impulse during the date on what and where to go for dinner for example can be perfectly alright if you want to give your date the chance to choose where she likes, quite often not having a plan can drag the entire night into boredom. A date would feel special if you go the extra mile of planning it to be perfect.

It is best that blind dates should be kept brief and short to give you an easy way out in case you are not enjoying it. As much as possible you should meet in public places and in the case of a blind date with someone you met online, ensure your safety by driving separately. Also, make sure that you and your date have laid out accordingly when, where and the time you will be meeting for your date. It can be frustrating if miscommunication happens. Think ahead of your possible topics of conversation.

Lastly, be yourself. Be confident and friendly. Strike a good conversation and listen to what your date has to say also. Never fail to thank a date even if it didn’t turn out to how you wanted it to be.

  • Single Dating Places United Kingdom
    Single Dating Places United Kingdom

Online Dating – Why Use Myspace?


Couple sitting face to face with laptop computers on heart shape, touching fingers, overhead view

MySpace offers a lot of features to assist men and women look for their perfect soul mate, since online dating becomes a method to connect with on another other in style. This is easier compared to the old-fashion way of dating which made it more accepted. The next section will talk about the reasons why MySpace is such a perfect venue to meet your soul mate.

Main advantage of MySpace dating compared to other dating sites is its cost. Register a full account benefits, its totally free. You may occasionally use a “free trial” membership from other dating sites, since most online dating service set charge to a full account benefit. Whereas with, a full account is totally free.

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Not only that, there is a huge number of members. Current members is more than 72 million with almost 10, 000 new members are signing up everyday. This will allow users to have a continuous chance of meeting members of the opposite sex of same interests. Compare to other online dating service, soul mate hunting is never been better with

Young couple celebrating with red wine at allows more direct expression of oneself compared to other online dating sites.
Compared to MySpace, other online services offer few tools to guide you in representing yourself and what you really look for. They give you lots of way to express yourself and who you are.

These tools include:

• full page profiles
• ability to customize your profile
• extensive search options

No other sites flexibility enough to allow you to express your individuality, as well as search for a perfect match. For instance, you can find a pre-made layout change your profile to fit you! Add music and graphics to your profile page to fit your personality. These help you to express yourself better than having a limited amount of option to add on your characters, which is how most other online dating services work.

More people are switching to the more convenient way to look for dates rather the conventional way. It is most practical to start this with MySpace, since it doesn’t only give member a wider option to select, membership is completely free. Give MySpace a shot, all gain nothing to lose.

  • Single Dating Places United Kingdom
    Single Dating Places United Kingdom

Resume Updating Time


Romantic young couple sitting on the beach enjoying warm sun.

Do you feel as if you are in a R.U.T.? No, I don’t mean that you are stuck in a ditch somewhere, rather is it Resume Updating Time?

If you haven’t updated your resume once over the past year, now is a good time to take a fresh look at your copy. Beginning with the header, is all of your information correct? How many times have I seen an old cell number or former email address listed? Plenty! You want someone to contact you, don’t you? Make sure your contact information is up to date.

How about your objective? Has your job objective changed? If not, does the verbiage still hold true? Perhaps it needs to freshened a bit.

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online-dating-salariesEmployment history — I am thinking that even if you did not have a promotion during the past year, some of your work tasks may have changed. If so, sparkle up your resume and put your best foot forward. Also, remove jobs that you haven’t held in two decades! Most experts recommend that you show work history for the last ten years only. Remember: the job application asks for much more detailed information. Don’t list everything/anything on your resume.

How about training or schooling? Are there any classes you took that you can now list? A degree secured? If so, you definitely want to include your accomplishments front and center.

References: Never, never list your references on your resume. Instead, “references furnished upon request” is all that you need to state.

Once you have updated your resume, pass it on to a highly objective friend or hiring professional who can critique it accordingly. Implement their recommendations and go with the new copy.

Even if you aren’t planning to switch companies in 2006, a forced exit or even an internal promotion can mandate that a resume be furnished immediately. Why wait for an emergency; update your resume now while it is still on your mind.

  • Single Dating Places United Kingdom
    Single Dating Places United Kingdom

Virtual Dating


virtual-dating (1)Virtual dating is a common method of dating with people who are wired in the technology realm. This method of dating is a system for finding possible dates or people who you might be interested in dating.

Virtual dating uses a combined method of playing video games and dating. People will create what is known as avatars that are virtual figures of themselves. They will spend time in a video game virtual world and meet other people over the computer.

This virtual dating method allows people to talk to potential dates through conversation and interact with each other through a video game method.

If they decide they want to have an actual relationship with the other person then they will move to the next step in actually meeting by exchanging phone numbers or setting up a location to meet.

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Millions of people practice virtual dating today and it is a preferred method by many. These people who use these systems are usually into science fiction and they are very good with technology.

image0038The technology and the use of the virtual dating system shows people using this system of dating that they have something in common.

However, with the allowed interaction and the play through the video game method allows people to interact in a virtual way with people too. This can show someone’s intellectual side, education, and more when they work through the virtual dating systems.

Virtual dating is a common method today used by people to meet new people and find potential candidates for pursuing a relationship with. It is a fun way to meet new people and allow them to get to know you without actually meeting them until you are comfortable.

  • Single Dating Places United Kingdom
    Single Dating Places United Kingdom

Speed Dating


Speed Dating

Speed dating occurs when people go to a speed dating place looking for someone who might be a good match for them. This includes a very quick meeting with many different people and you see if there is someone there who you might be compatible with.

Speed dating is when many women and men sit at tables. A woman and a man will sit at each table for a specified period of time. It may be two minutes or ten minutes depending on the speed dating place you are at.

During this period of time, the two will ask each other questions and get to know a little about each other. They have the opportunity to quickly get a run down on each person and decide if they are someone they might be interested in getting to know a little better after.

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When the time is up then the women or the men will move to the next table and talk to another person.

speed-datingAfter each of the couples have met and spoke to each other they will give the numbers of the people or say which people they are interested in. If both people show an interest then they have the opportunity to communicate and go out together.

During the speed dating process while couples are at the table they may exchange information with each other also, if they hit it off right away.

Speed dating is not for everyone but some people really like meeting new people and finding a date this way. Many people like this method because they get to meet the people in person and talk with them rather than online or by going on a blind date.

It is said that if there is chemistry between the two people then it is immediately recognized during a speed dating session.

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    Single Dating Places United Kingdom

Regular Dating


67-percent-off-at-fastlife-speed-dating-200762-regularRegular dating is the most popular type of dating. This is because most people like the intimacy of being alone with their significant other. Regular dating is going out with your date alone without other people coming along. Many people like to include dinner and something to do afterwards like the theatre, a concert, or dancing.

Everyone has a different idea of what they believe is romantic. Dinner might be at a fine dining restaurant and the two of you will get dressed up. Some people consider a home cooked meal by candlelight dinner the romantic way to dine on a date.

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This can be the best way to go if you don’t have a lot of money to go out but you want to do something special. In addition, when you cook a meal for your date there is more thought and effort put into it and some people enjoy it much more than they do being treated to a fine restaurant.

date-a-rich-womanThe regular dating experience gives you the opportunity to get to know your date on a more personal level than when you are out with other people.

You can spend the evening talking and enjoying each other. If you are not comfortable with an intimate dating experience on the first date then you might not want to go alone on the first date. You might consider a double or a group date.

Regular dating gives you the opportunity to get to know your date on a personal level. Usually, a regular date will consist of lunch or dinner together and finding something to do afterwards. Regular dating is the preferred method of dating for most people because of the attention and the intimacy.

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    Single Dating Places United Kingdom



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