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Know the Facts of Online Dating

Online datingOnline dating is getting very popular and if you would like to join this world, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. As with the other aspects of life, you will have more success if you follow the rules of the game and treat other people with respect. Some people may not realize these rules but in the end it will mean the difference between you getting the date and continuing to be single.

If you find an attractive picture online, it is ok to tell the person that you think they are nice looking. However looks are not everything. If that is all that you have to say online, then it is going to be better not to say anything at all. Read the person’s profile so that you can say something more than just a comment about their looks.

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You can read the profit in all situations. Always look at a person’s “My perfect date” section to see what he or she is going to be interested in. most people are looking for others within a certain age range and distance from home. They might also have preferences about children, smoking, religion, looks, race, and sexual preferences. If you are 33 and someone online is looking for a date between 20 and 28, he or she is not looking for you so you need to pass them by.

Online dating2Do not send an initial email if you did not read the profile. Ask general questions like “How are you?” and “ What can you tell me about yourself?” can be annoying. Be more specific and ask the other person questions that can be answered in an email back to you and your questions will show her your personal interests.

The most important thing is if another person is not interested, move past them. Sometimes people will not answer your messages on purpose. Online is the acceptable way of showing that you have no interest. Do not repeatedly send messages that ask a person if they got your previous message. They got them and they are simply not interested. If someone writes you back and indicated that there is no chemistry for him or her, let the issue go. There are millions of other profiles for you to pursue and someone is going to reply. Writing back to that person and telling them that they are close-minded, mean, or something unpleasant is not going to help and it is against the websites rules. Use your common sense and do not do or say anything that you would never do or say in real life. Online dating can be more fun for everyone if you follow the etiquette rules.

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    Single Dating Places United Kingdom

Dating online without becoming pray for scammers

maxresdefault (9)Online scammers mainly aim at people of different income levels, backgrounds and ages throughout the world. There is not any specific group which is more prone to become a prey of a scam. The practice of Scamming is successful because it looks like real. It seems to fulfill your desire and needs. Scammers always attempt to mould you by inducing your nature to create the automatic reply they need. Here are few tips how to identify and avoid scammers at online dating sites.

1. Be cautious in the dating online scene. Use your emotional intelligence. If you have an ok profile without a personal photo on any dating website you will rarely ever get any answers from females. If you get lots of love letters from attractive good looking woman, you should think yourself: Would you be able to step into love with the profile you made that fast? What is there that could make her fall in love that quickly?

2. The first thing that creates an impression that the person who is communicating with you is a scammer is the mails. Scam letters are sent to a lot of people, are very neutrally, impersonally made for bulk use. The scam-emails can often be used for both the sexes, male and female. They will mention to you that they liked your pictures or description although you don’t have a self description or photo on internet. Scamming artist fall quickly in love, they will address you very quickly sweetheart, darling, baby or love honey.

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dating_spam3. If anyone is interested in you will get a number of questions detailed about your hobbies, life, before the individual decides to meet you. A scammer artist never asks you regarding your personal details. They will use to talk in general manner: How was your day? How is everyone at home? How are you today? Scamming letters are often a different thing from what you mention to them. If you discuss about particular your things, they will not even remember one week later and keep on saying that the season is ok.

4. If you try to keep in contact for few months and if your date shows great interest and pretends to be willing to spend his entire life with you, ask yourself why is he/she still searching for online love? People who love somebody, will quickly delete their own profile from the dating website, since it’s not a big issue to post a new addition if they become single again. If you view your lover still online, you can make a new contact id as a new user from a separate email address and check what reply you get. If your mate is willing to come to you and loves you like anything, you should not get him/her two times.

5. Never send any money for tickets and visas! Go to the person’s place or country and visit him/her there. Use well-established, trustworthy marriage or dating agencies for arranging and meeting trips.

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    Single Dating Places United Kingdom

Is your emotional baggage preventing you from successful online dating?

maxresdefaultYou’re single yet again, a long relationship down the drain. Now you’re eager to get back into the dating game; you’re human, and, for this reason, you have a tendency to bring along your baggage into new relationships. Getting back into the dating world is an excellent time to analyze the baggage you’ve accumulated; emotional baggage is a correlation to your history, what you’ve been through. Having a healthy soul and mind is a direct result of how you deal with your emotional baggage.

Reflect on your past events and ponder your re-entrance into the dating scene; perhaps it was the end of a long, stale relationship or a divorce. To make a successful leap into your new life, you must be willing to deal with and to unpack your “baggage”. The key is acceptance; whatever pain you may be feeling, remember this: it will pass.

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When starting a new conversation with a prospective match, they may ask you about your past and why you decided to get back into the dating game. Try to maintain a simple and “to the point” Dropping off the baggage Jenna Martinreply; don’t dwell on your history. Instead, give just enough information and move on. Remember that the more you stay on the topic of your painful past, the more the bad feelings resurface, causing grief and sadness. Your emotional wounds may still be tender and need time to heal. The trick is to get yourself into certain a frame of mind so that you accept your issues and places you into a balanced state of well-being and tranquility. Seek out the support of your family and friends; they can do wonders for you spiritually and emotionally. It’s not a good idea to introvert your negative feelings deep down inside. Let them out. Sometimes the only way to move out of the past to confront them head on, analyzing them, exploring them, letting go of them.

Prospective matches don’t want to hear about how bad your last relationship was. A retelling of your past relationship only says something about your current state of mind: you are not over your past, you are still hurt, and that you are not emotionally available for a new relationship. Drop your negative past like a bag of bricks; take a load off of your spirit by moving forward to a brighter, happier future.

When engaged in a conversation with someone, tell them a little about yourself. Good topics of discussion are hobbies, passions, goals, your job, and anything positive you might want to expose. Don’t let any negativity cloud your chances of finding happiness again.

Unload your emotional baggage and live life! You no longer have a need to lug it around anymore; you’ll feel better once you realize this. The past is just what it is: the past. It’s a learning experience from which you gained a mountain of knowledge. In time, all wounds heal, and you’ll find happiness again.

  • Single Dating Places United Kingdom
    Single Dating Places United Kingdom


LDS Dating – How to Find a Perfect Match

LDS DatingDoes it seem that finding the man or woman of your dreams is getting more difficult as the years go by? Perhaps it’s because, as you get older, you are less open to alternative ideas and are limiting your options for meeting new people. But the truth is that finding a mate does not have to be so hard.

One of the most challenging parts of LDS dating is that the religious orientation of the people you meet on a daily basis is not stuck on their foreheads. And if you live outside Utah then chances are the majority of people you meet with not be in your LDS dating catchment area. Although it may feel like your options are limited, there are steps you can take to meet more LDS singles.

You could go to ward activities or otherwise socialize with LDS Singles. Not only will it be more comfortable and you’ll have more fun that way, but also the obvious LDS question mark will be removed. It is easier to approach someone when you already know you are at least in the right general neighborhood. On the same note, if you want to find someone that meets your other preferences – for example, if you are Hispanic, African American, Indian – then you may want to focus your activities on ethnic LDS groups.

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Another way to meet LDS singles is by utilizing a LDS dating service. Although dating services were once only for mainstream couples, now there are dating services for every type of relationship, orientation, and ethnicity. This is a great way to meet people that are within certain criteria you set forth. That may sound bad, but everyone has guidelines they are looking to fill; a LDS dating rawImageservice allows you to ask questions up front and filter out people that are not what you are looking for. This saves time which means you can spend more time dating and less time looking for a suitable date.

Depending on your location, there may really be a shortage of potential mates! If this is the case, you may want to try an online LDS dating service to meet people in other areas. You can also make a point to join LDS organizations in your area to meet singles that share your interests.

If you are just entering the LDS dating world, you may not really know where to go or what to do. There are several websites that can help you. You can also find someone to help guide you through the process. Find a friend or elder that you can speak to candidly about dating, love, and romance. There is nothing like chatting with someone that has been in your shoes before. You will find that most other LDS are very accepting of you and will help you when they can.

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    Single Dating Places United Kingdom

Dating, Marriage, Love, and Relationship Advice: The Dance of Commitment and Your Secret Passion Signature!

love-relationshipIf you are single, dating, or trying to get to “I DO” and spend too much time hurting and not enough time loving this may be the most important love relationship advice you could ever receive. Did you know that some people just don’t let themselves have love? Some are eaten alive with the “fear of commitment.” Some can’t let themselves take the risk or feel vulnerable so they string you along in a dating relationship. Some people don’t love themselves enough to value you if you love them. Here’s how to spot the signs of a hopeless case, using little known relationship tips.

The truth is that unless a soul is willing to be involved with you, there is no hope whatsoever for a love relationship. No set of skills you learn from any book, seminar, or TV program can create a breakthrough when the other does not choose it. Of course, this can be terribly frustrating for you if you are dating or married and a willing partner. It’s painful, a lot like hitting your head against the wall. Nonetheless, all too often we do not listen when we are told no, because we believe there must be something more we can do to fix the situation so that our desires prevail. Each of us wants what we want when we want it, especially when it comes to love relationship, so we tend to ignore the inevitable and keep on trying. I’ve done this myself. I may be a therapist, but I am a woman first and I learned these lessons through painful firsthand experience.

In a dating relationship, a man who says, “This relationship doesn’t fit into my 20-year projection,” or a woman who tells you, “I leave everybody with whom I get involved,” is telling you that he or she is not available. And that’s the truth. Most likely this person has chosen this dating relationship with its current limitations because it didn’t have long-term potential in his or her mind. It doesn’t matter how great the sex is, how attractively you dress, or how well you get along, the day will come when you will hit a nasty wall of resistance. You may even hit the wall right after you attain an amazing state of ecstatic union. Then, out of the blue, everything will come to a screeching halt. When suddenly your love interest informs you, “It’s over,” it’s super important to listen to what is being said to you and heed the message. Otherwise you are in for deeper disappointment.

real-signs-of-true-love-in-a-relationshipIronically dating that leads to a true love relationship is terrifying to the hidden part of us that’s responsible for our safety and survival. If we love deeply and surrender to love, fear naturally arises. Opening up to another being tends to bring up old wounds from the past, especially childhood. The survival system can be stronger than the human heart. Its only interest is in protecting us from getting hurt by anyone or anything. For some of us, the possibility of establishing a profound connection poses perhaps the biggest threat. The fear of commitment often masks a deeper issue. You may feel “not good enough,” “engulfed,” “not perfect,” and so on. The fire of passion is literally too hot for many people to handle, so they run away. Without making the soul choice to hang in there and face the fire, our desired connections don’t stand a chance.

There are love relationship tips you can use to let you know that you have snagged someone afraid of connection. See if these sound familiar:

1. After the sexual excitement has died down a bit your lover becomes elusive.
2. Your love interest starts avoiding opportunities to get together, and when you mention it you are called a “complainer.”
3. Any mention on your part of moving into more commitment is met with evasion, “Do what you need to do for yourself. Don’t worry about me.”
4. Your partner develops a roving eye. Sitting at a dinner table you see your beloved watching everyone that passes.
5. The sexual interest dies between you. You express a desire for more affection and are told that you are “too pushy.”

It doesn’t matter what techniques you use in a love relationship. Unless there is an awakening of consciousness and a desire to increase the level of intimacy, there cannot be a breakthrough. In my therapeutic practice I have watched women spend ten years with men who were terrified of being abandoned but were also terrified of commitment. When push comes to shove this type of man chooses his freedom over the woman. He is often too concerned with what he could miss out on later to commit to today.

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In my book, The Passion Principle: Discover Your Personal Passion Signature and the Secrets to Deeper Relationships in Love, Life and Work, I identify 5 signature styles of relating. Each has a healthy balanced, loving aspect, which makes for great relationships and a wounded side, which shows up as the inability to love or commit for one reason or another. They are the Warrior/Conqueror, Lover/Vamp, Creator/Martyr, Prophet/Perfectionist, and Visionary/Perfectionist. To create a breakthrough in receiving the love you want or commit to the love you have, you must step into the balanced healthy aspect of your signature.

In romantic relationships the Warrior is committed, sexy and loyal. The Conqueror works so many hours s/he is not available for commitment. The Lover is wonderful with commitment and intimacy. The Vamp can be desperately needy and make you want to run from commitment. The Creator is fantastic at commitment. The Martyr feels trapped in intimate relationships and runs at the first sign of commitment. The Prophet is a blissfully connected lover. The Escapist is a Houdini who will run from you at the first sign of commitment. The Visionary is positive, high energy and a great mate. The Perfectionist is disappointed by anyone who turns up in the flesh because they are searching for the perfect mate.

love-relationship2The wounded aspects of the “passion signatures” can get in the way of deepening intimacy and cause you to waste precious time. I have seen men and women spend 30 years trying to find Mr. or Ms. Right, and no one was ever good enough. If this type is your partner, you won’t be good enough either.

You can beg a workaholic Conqueror to come home and put your relationship first for decades, only to bury this type of mate before the request is honored. You can also consume five years trying to get a Martyr to join you in a grounded, forward-moving relationship to no avail, and forfeit just as many years of effort trying to establish a significant relationship with a Vamp who is only attracted to the unavailable. Relationships can be used as vessels for growth and healing, but only between willing partners.

A 45-year-old Martyr grew up under the domination of an angry, controlling mother. As an adult, he continued waging battle against his mother by never committing to one woman. In a series of monogamous relationships, he provoked a long stream of women to become hostile and demanding, just like his mother, until the day came when each one could not stand any more and left him in disgust. What he didn’t realize was that his past was ruling his life and that love would elude him forever unless he dealt with his wounds. His latest girlfriend, a woman who wanted to understand her patterns, brought him to my office. She asked me to help her decide whether or not to stay in it, or break it off.

The man was the eternal “nice guy” who would do anything for his woman, except commit. Each of his previous girlfriends only knew this side of him, because he was a chameleon. His defiance of her was never put in her face. It was subtle, insidious, behind-the-back stuff, nothing she could put her finger on. He seemed to be there, in the dating relationship, except he wasn’t really there. He told his new love interest that he was keeping his connections with the other women because he didn’t like to hurt people. He insisted that he wasn’t stringing anyone along . . . it was just that he had never found the one woman to whom he could commit. His fears were sabotaging the relationship.

My client who was the wounded Lover/Vamp had been replaying a traumatic childhood scene of her own with the boyfriend. In relationship with him, she basically was trying to get her abandoning father not to leave. Her dad had walked out on her family when she was a small child, never to be seen again. Both she and her boyfriend were full-grown adults, yet when it came to love they were hopelessly locked in a painful cycle of tug of war. She was sabotaging her happiness by trying to persuade an unavailable man to love her.

Remember: There are no bad guys here. Sometimes we’re ready for things and sometimes we are not. A sign that you are personally unready is that you continue dating people who are also not available when you check below the surface. Or if they are available, you “make” them not good enough, or tell yourself, “Not now.” If you are on the receiving end of a message of reluctance, hang in there for a little while in case your love interest becomes more comfortable. Seek help in processing your feelings if you must. But if you find your self-esteem draining from you while you wait, or you feel less and less valued by your mate, it is time to “cut bait” (break up), toss “the fish” (your partner) back into the sea, and walk away.

There are more easy-to-apply love relationship tips and tools you can use to create commitment in what looks like hopeless cases. In my book, The Passion Principle: Discover Your Passion Signature and the Secrets to Deeper Relationships in Love, Life and Work, you will find lots more to help you have the love relationship you deserve.

Here’s one final thought. If you are in a loving relationship, it is vital that managing the relationship and growing in the relationship become your two highest priorities. You must be honest and diligent, take responsibility for your own energy, feelings, thoughts, and defenses, and try to understand your impact on your partner. This last item matters most when things are going wrong or you want to deepen your connection. These are keys to unleashing romantic passion.

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    Single Dating Places United Kingdom


Interracial Relationship – Dating Outside One’s Culture Without Betraying One’s Roots

last-oneThe public’s outlook on socially and culturally sensitive issues is changing with every passing day. From 1967’s legalization of interracial marriages to current trends of legalizing gay marriages, it is apparent that, given time, society learns to accept change. Interracial dating and romance is no longer uncommon and is becoming well established throughout North American society. The individuals within these relationships are generally comfortable with the knowledge that they can both maintain their own culture as well as introduce themselves to another. These couples do not feel that they are betraying their roots by learning new customs. In fact, in most cases it is the parents that pressure their children into not abandoning their culture and thus to avoid dating those of different ethnicities. When it deals with other people, it appears that most individuals are willing to accept multicultural dating, but those same individuals are against it when it jeopardizes their own customs and beliefs.

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Interracial RelationshipMany parents are worried that mixed raced dating will somehow dilute their own culture and will threaten the preservation of their cultural beliefs. They feel that in order to control the weakening of their cultural bonds, they must restrict the actions of their children i.e. prevent them from dating outside of their culture. Parents worry that if their child falls in love with someone of a different culture, they might sacrifice their own traditions in order to make the relationship work. Technically, it is up to their children to make these decisions. Realistically, the parents have the power to decide. Many children who go against their parent’s will are punished with disapproval and even worse, alienation.

For couples in multicultural relationships, compromise is sometimes the best way to bridge the gap between the varying traditions. Choosing the most important traditions from each culture, while making sure to include the parents’ opinions, will allow the partners and their parents to feel equally significant. The parents may never be completely happy with the choices their child has made, but at least they won’t feel as thought that family roots have been betrayed.

People of different cultural backgrounds are not impervious to learning new customs and traditions. New partners may readily accept the challenge of engaging in the practices of different cultural groups. A person’s roots are not left behind simply because they are exposed to new customs. 

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    Single Dating Places United Kingdom

Most Latin Dating Sites are a Waste of Pesetas

latin-brides-women-datingDating has come along way in the last half a century. Back in our parents’ and grandparents’ day, a guy would ask a girl out and expect a friendly interrogation by her parents before taking her anywhere. There would be no hand holding or kissing until a number of dates had taken place and sex before marriage was rare. You would want to know someone fairly well before even considering going on a date with them. These days, we have blind dates, chat rooms, online dating sites, speed dating and many more options. In the old days, dating was about finding a suitable marriage partner. Now it seems to be largely about getting a shag. There is nothing wrong with that, if that is what you are after, but anyone can hide behind a computer screen and you don’t really know who you’re talking to or if their profile photo is really them.

Online dating sites exist for the sole reason of making money and people in chat rooms pretend to be something they are not, just because they can. This makes the whole online dating game a game of chance. Online dating was, for a while, the fastest growing e-commerce sector, but has fizzled out somewhat because there are new options now, such as free live webcam chat.

Major Dating Companies Sued and Yahoo have both been accused of defrauding people with their online dating systems. Allegedly, employees were posing as members, flirting with genuine members with the sole aim of getting them to renew their membership when it is about to run out. The employees were also accused of going on hundreds of date per month. Yahoo, on the other hand, were accused of creating fake profiles to arouse more interest from potential members and encourage them to part with further membership fees (with many dating sites a monthly fee is required to stay active). Both companies deny all this but as they say, there is no smoke without fire…

Fraudulent Sites
One real giveaway when visiting dating sites is if all the woman look like supermodels and the men are average. Within hours of registering, you will get several emails from ‘women’ (possibly staff) and have to pay for membership so you can answer them. There is an online company called which masquerades as a dating company but has received hundreds of complaints from guys who claim the women simply do not exist. (With a name like that, you would be suspicious – well, I would be!)

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Latin Dating Sites
Let’s have a look at Latin dating sites. One well-known site, if you are looking for a sexy seńorita, is, which is part of the network. You don’t get anything for free on here. You can’t even browse the ads without paying a membership fee so obviously you can’t find out how many people are on the site or whether any will actually be what you are looking for before you pay. Most of the profiles are outdated and if you buy membership and add your profile and photo, only paying members can view it. You are not guaranteed any responses at all so you o-latino-dating-facebookmight be wasting your money. One review online claims that the only responses he received were from pornographic models who wanted him to visit their porn sites and pay to watch their sex videos. He was looking for dates not porn (if he wanted porn, he could’ve found a lot of free stuff online but this is supposed to be a dating site!) claims to have over 1.5 million members (including lots of Latinas) but when I tried to register, it claimed my city and postcode did not exist! I soon gave up. Dating is supposed to be fun, not a headache. is a site which doesn’t require much profiling on your part. Many people on here don’t even bother with photos. is another site with bad reviews. An ex-member claims to have received more than 50 emails from women. He deleted his details and left only his username and email address and claimed to still receive those emails at the same hour of each day! Surely this is a ‘bot’ trying to encourage him to upgrade from free membership. These dating sites don’t even try to hide what they’re doing!

So what are your alternatives? Well, you could venture out into the real world and meet people. If you don’t fancy that, you could visit a webcam site such as StreamMate or SpreadForU. You can chat for free to the girls or pay for a live show, but at least you know why you are both there and you can chat to a real live person without wondering who is actually behind emails from a dating site. If you visit CamContacts, there is a ‘looking for love’ section and you can chat to girls on their webcams, which is far better than relying on email and photos of – well, photos could be of anybody! I’mLive offers free text chat with the girls (and boys!) and you can see their photos as you chat. LiveJasmin also has a non-nude category where you can chat for free. And you know exactly who you are talking to (unlike online dating).

Are Latin Dating Sites Worthwhile?
If you compare chatting for free on a webcam with a live girl to receiving emails (and having to pay for them!) from, let’s face it, it could be anybody – there is no contest. Dating websites tend to be pure pot luck. Some are OK, some are awful and all of them rely on membership fees to keep going. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t bother joining any of the sites I have browsed. Not knowing if the people on the site actually exist is a strong indication that online dating is a waste of time!

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    Single Dating Places United Kingdom



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