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How To Be Sure Your Personal Ad Gets Noticed

online-dating-header2After much nail-biting and pacing, you’ve finally made the decision to join an online dating service. Now you face the seemingly monumental task of writing your personals ad. Sheesh, you say. How do I do this—especially when the personals you’ve taken the time to read through are so, well, let’s be honest, awful. All those abbreviations! All those long paragraphs! All the fluff that a over-sexed seventh-grade boy could see right through!

The trick to writing personals ads that get noticed are to be original and creative when it comes to writing yours. Think about it. Does a Volkswagen ad read like a Mercedes ad?

Of course not. That’s because though they’re both cars, they are completely different cars—just like two short, blonde women or two tall, brunette men. Other than sharing some physical characteristics and being the same sex, they’re going to be as different as a BMW and a Jeep.

So before you even start pecking away at the keyboard, think of yourself as a brand. This is easier for most people if they stick with the car metaphor. If you were a car, what kind would you be? If you consider yourself to be a Beemer, then your personals ad should be written to highlight your Beemer-ish characteristics. For example, you’d want to include your love of fine white wines and Prada shoes.

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On the other hand, if you’re a Beemer wannabe (and don’t feel bad, many of us are), don’t give in to the impulse to describe yourself as Beemer. Not only does this set other people up for a disappointment when they find out you don’t share their interests or meet their expectations, you may, worse, get stuck having to drink a lot of red wine at a cocktail party or theater when you’d really, honestly prefer is cold beer, pizza and a movie.

couple-speed-dating-960x500After you’ve defined yourself as a brand and can describe yourself thoroughly, from your tires to your, er, headlights, you’re ready to start writing that personals ad. You’ve already done all the hard work, so the writing will be very easy. And you didn’t think it would be, did you?

Some other things you want to keep in mind as you write your personals ad are:

• Keep it positive. That is, unless you want to attract someone who reads Sylvia Plath poems for kicks. Which, hey, is no problem if that’s your idea of a good time.

• Be short and to the point. This isn’t the place for your life history. Let that part come later.

• While keeping it short, don’t overdo the abbreviations. A few are fine, but too many are irritating.

• Hit your high spots. If you have the sleek lines of a Jag, say so. If you’re as trustworthy and loyal as a Toyota, speak up! Let your chrome wheels shine!

• Voice your passions. Yep, if you’re wild about 4-wheeling to the point you’d rather than have mud on your tires than eat when you’re hungry, don’t be afraid to say so.

• Creativity rules. You’re clever. Just that fact that you’ve found this marvelous way to meet people and find dates shows it! So you want to stay away from clichés in your writing, and think of new, fresh ways to describe yourself and your attributes. Saying you’re loyal will most likely get a yeah, yeah, but say that when it comes to your friends, you stick like mud on tires, now that will have people eager to know more about you.

Following these tips will help you write a personals ad that won’t just be noticed—it’ll guarantee you not only get replies, you’ll get dates!

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    Single Dating Places United Kingdom

Dating A Professional Single

Dating-Single-MomsAt one time or another and maybe in some people’s cases all the time we’ve dreamed about dating a rich guy or gal. You know the successful lawyer or doctor or the on the edge entrepreneur. It’s that perfect scene we play in our head that allows us to see things just the way we want them to be but in reality dating a professional single may not be quite so picture perfect. Now I don’t mean that in a negative sense I mean that more in a realistic, scheduling, goal reaching, aggressive personality sense.

What is a professional single?

I guess in technical terms it would be any single person who holds a “white collar” job. A business owner, a executive, a doctor, a lawyer, I think you get the idea. Someone who probably has a college degree, maybe several, someone who is driven to succeed, who probably enjoys the finer things in life, who doesn’t like excuses but relishes results. A person who wants to make the most out of their professional life. They are not satisfied with a 9 to 5 career but are instead looking for every opportunity to succeed as far as they can in their given field. Does that make them a bad person? Does that make them a person who cares for no one but themselves? Hardly, in fact the world needs driven individuals like a professional single. Can you imagine where we would be if the Romans had not had so many driven people or if the Egyptians had decided that thinking big was too much? I’m not trying to get into a history lesson or morality debate here, I’m just showing what a person who is trying to get the most out of themselves can do. A single professional is certainly a person trying to get the most out of themselves.

What are the downfalls to dating a professional single?

Like any relationship involving two people you will always have downfalls so don’t be under the impression that dating a professional single will be any better or worse than dating the non-professional single. Those factors lie more in who the person is not what their career is. I mean if you date a jerk, you date a jerk. Whether he has on a $1500 suit or a pair of Levi Overalls, he’s a jerk. OK, so what are the downfalls to dating a professional single?

Time away from home – This means time away from you

sex-love-life-2015-06-commitment-guy-mainThe job is always on their mind – You might be out on the perfect dinner date but if a big deal is in the works you should not be surprised if the cell phone rings and it’s answered.

Perfectionism – They may not be the tidiest person or remember to bring flowers but in some way all highly driven professionals are perfectionists

Job is first – Can you play second fiddle? Although this may not be true in every sense but in many ways the job will come first.

How to avoid the downfalls of dating a professional single.

Time away from home – Of course they’re going to be going to the office everyday, maybe out of town once a week or more and maybe even over a weekend in fact if they are very driven, you can expect all of these and more. Late hours, early mornings, numerous days in which you may not see each other and might not even speak one on one. The remedy? Communicate. Have an ongoing calendar, it won’t be perfect as things change but it’s one tool in communicating. If you can see a schedule it will help you understand what’s going that week or day. Always talk once a day. Both of you must be committed to speaking to each other daily. It might be for only 5 minutes at 2 a.m. but it will make a difference.

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The job is always on their mind – In every persons professional career especially early on they are given responsibility to get the job done. This may entail them following up on every detail at all hours of the day and night. You must understand that this is part of working your way to the top and even more importantly the professional you are dating must understand that although they might have to take a call at dinner they should keep it as brief as possible and let their colleagues know that a call should only be made if it is extremely important or critical in nature. Communication once again plays a role in the relationship, for all parties involved.

wne-1Perfectionism – How hard is it to be perfect? Well since no one that I’ve ever met is, it must be impossible. That being said we probably all have idiosyncrasies that some would consider a trait of perfectionism. Professional singles are no different, they must have details or actions within their jobs that require perfectionism otherwise the product or service they produce would be substandard which is not the mark of a successful professional. Take the perfectionism in stride and recognize you probably have some traits that drive your partner nuts. Identify, recognize and adapt. Those three words will go along way in helping you and him or her overcome your faults.

The job is first – Ouch, how can someone put something before me? Guess what, this happens whether the person is a professional single or a everyday man. Something’s always going to be important to someone and there may come a time when they have to choose you over that activity or function. Although this is a very black and white statement the truth is there is no easy answer for this question. In the case of a job you would have to look at each incident to determine the worth. For example if you had a date planned at 7 and you get a call at 6:45 that something came up at work it’s ok to be upset but more importantly you need to judge the moment. Without being a nagger you should find out what is so important that it can’t wait until tomorrow, if the answer is valid then you must put it in context with the relationship overall. You knew going in that the career of the person was a big part of their life so you should accept that with that commitment to career comes some sacrifice on your end. However if you find out the reason for the cancellation is not a 911 emergency but a 411 pizza call then you should re-assess the person immediately. This would be a case of someone who is not honest, respectful or committed to having a relationship.

Let’s summarize: Dating a professional single will probably entitle you to a lifestyle that leans towards the finer things in life and would probably ensure a future of financial stability and a golden retirement. Dating a professional single will also bring you many hours of you time, interrupted plans and until those retirement years a backseat to the demands of a successful career. If you are a person that can see a person for what they are and accept them for those strengths and faults and if that person meets what you deem as the perfect mate then dating a professional single is probably the best thing you will ever do.

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    Single Dating Places United Kingdom

Tips for online dating success

online dating2People have always looked for ways to enrich and improve their lives by finding a friend, lover or partner. However, in our busy modern world, it can be difficult to find time and energy to meet a partner the conventional way.

That’s why internet dating has become so enormously popular for singles all over the world. And it’s not hard to see why. More and more people turn to dating websites: both paid and free dating sites, rather than traditional places like churches, social clubs and friends’ circles.

The internet offers a fast communication system. People with a common interest can almost immediately start messaging others looking for the same thing. The internet is an extremely time saving, cost effective, economical and anonymous medium. You don’t have to a be rich, high profile movie star or a well known sports person to be on the internet and meeting people.

Everyone is equal in cyberspace, and everyone has an equal chance to succeed.

That is, if you know how!

It all comes down to knowledge and expertise. No matter how great and trendy the technology is, it is you who has to make use of the knowledge, and only you can take the initiative. Technology only helps us, as a means to make dating services quicker and often cheaper than what was once possible.

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Online dating success is more likely when you have polished practical communication skills. There is no single solution for effective online conversation with another person. In the article that follows, I’ve listed some important points to get you started. And of course the more points you follow, the more you will succeed at internet dating.

Let’s start with your own profile on an internet dating website (most dating websites require that you set up a ‘profile’ about yourself, to display to others who are searching for someone). What you’ve written in your profile’s self-description is very important.

You may start a great online conversation with someone you like, but if they look at your profile and see a clumsy presentation (like thousands other profiles), I guarantee the conversation will not last long!

couple-datingA poorly-written profile gives the impression that you’re not serious about dating. And remember, you profile doesn’t have to be 100% honest. There is a difference between being honest and being careful about the information you present. Be honest about your best personal qualities, but not about personal details such as telephone number, address, workplace and so on. Share that private information with your online friend later, when you trust them more.

There are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ dating website profiles. But there are ‘effective’ and ‘ineffective’ ones! If you are on a dating site and about to write your own profile, work hard to create one of the effective ones. All it takes is few extra minutes of thinking, and some planning. Actual writing time will be the same, whatever profile you write (effective or ineffective).

A few extra minutes can therefore make a world of difference.

Your description should be a pleasing combination of funny and unique. Humor nearly always attracts someone’s attention, and the more you can describe your unique character, the better. And the profile should not be too long, or too short. And be particular. For example, don’t write ‘I love expensive cars’ but ‘I’m interested in Ferraris and Porsches’. Being more specific about interests and hobbies will invite further discussion from people viewing your profile). It’s a good idea to create your profile in a word processor first, and use that software’s ‘spell check’ feature. People expect to read well-written descriptions with good English and correct spelling.

Think about your profile’s title. The title is the part of your profile that people first see when searching a dating website. It’s like a personal ‘headline’ about you. A bad title might be: ‘horny stud is looking for a sexy chick’. A catchy title: ‘Skydiving accountant looking for a down-to-earth business lady’.

Contact someone whose profile has no picture or/and description – don’t underestimate this. You have far less competition when communicating with people who have blank profiles. People with complete profiles get lots of messages, so consider contacting people without pictures or a complete profile.

Profiles with picture and a description – these require a different strategy and approach. You will need more patience and persistence, because you are competing with many other messages for this person’s attention.

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    Single Dating Places United Kingdom

Be smart and use the information from the other person’s profile as your starting point for a message to them. Find out from their profile what they like most. Follow-up on what they like, as a conversation starter. It could be their new mobile phone or music album, or even a favourite holiday location or restaurant that you are also familiar with.

It’s also a good idea to ask intelligent questions that avoid a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ reply. Try to make the other person express their opinion on a topic.

Instead of asking something like: “Do you like ABCD band?” try this: “What do you think about ABCD’s last hit?”

tips-for-online-dating-1091767-TwoByOne (1)Use jokes appropriately. Avoid saying something funny/offensive about well-know people, unless you are 100% sure the other person has a similar view. Be creative and add some funny sentences to your messages. This will keep your online friend attracted to you, and they will want to continue the conversation.

Don’t wait for other people to contact you. Make an effort to start a conversation with someone whose profile caught your eye.

Be determined to achieve your goal. Start by making a realistic plan, perhaps breaking it into measurable steps first. Approach online dating with a positive attitude. Something like: ‘I will only leave this particular dating site when I’ve met someone I really like.’

Write individualised messages to people you contact. Don’t send impersonal, generic or ready-made messages. People spot these right away, usually by the way text mis-aligns in your message (text that has been copied and pasted has different alignment). Or by content that might not be relevant to their profile details.

Write a few sentences in your messages. Don’t just say ‘hi, how are you? or ‘hi, you look gorgeous!’ People receive lots of short messages, and they won’t be impressed if you send yet another one.

Avoid writing long messages. It can annoy people as much as short one. It’s a mistake to write a long message containing everything you want to say. Bear in mind what the other person wants to hear! An overly long or self-indulgent message will often not receive a reply.

Show the person you chatting with that you care about them. It will put you in a better position than other candidates. Do this by being empathetic, and interested in their life.

Contact one person at a time. Doing this means you’ll be more prepared, and more focused. If you’re more prepared, you’re more likely to receive a reply, which could lead to a ongoing conversation online.

Always have your best photos displayed in your profile. Update them regularly.

Make sure there are a few of them. At least one must be a recent portrait.

One full-length photo is also a good idea. It’s a bonus if you’re smiling in the photos! Having photos online will considerably increase traffic and therefore your chances of meeting someone. People often reluctant to contact somone without a photo.

Be prepared to follow-up on every message you send. If the person you’re contacting hasn’t replied in a few days, write another message, and keep it friendly. Don’t be demanding. Tell the person you’re waiting for a reply and you’d like to hear from them, so you can hear whether they are not interested in you, or not. Don’t keep sending further messages if you don’t receive a reply to your second message. Some people will only send a reply IF they are interested in you. If you don’t hear from someone, you can assume it is a ‘no’ from them.

The last and one of the most important tip is never give up. This is easier said than done! Remember that persistence brings success – there are no shortcuts. Keep in mind that online dating does work – many people have met their marriage partner from dating websites.

Follow the above tips to increase your chances of online dating success. Once you gain experience and polish, you will definitely see results. Happy dating!

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    Single Dating Places United Kingdom

Dating, Marriage, Love, and Relationship Advice: The Dance of Commitment and Your Secret Passion Signature!

love-relationshipIf you are single, dating, or trying to get to “I DO” and spend too much time hurting and not enough time loving this may be the most important love relationship advice you could ever receive. Did you know that some people just don’t let themselves have love? Some are eaten alive with the “fear of commitment.” Some can’t let themselves take the risk or feel vulnerable so they string you along in a dating relationship. Some people don’t love themselves enough to value you if you love them. Here’s how to spot the signs of a hopeless case, using little known relationship tips.

The truth is that unless a soul is willing to be involved with you, there is no hope whatsoever for a love relationship. No set of skills you learn from any book, seminar, or TV program can create a breakthrough when the other does not choose it. Of course, this can be terribly frustrating for you if you are dating or married and a willing partner. It’s painful, a lot like hitting your head against the wall. Nonetheless, all too often we do not listen when we are told no, because we believe there must be something more we can do to fix the situation so that our desires prevail. Each of us wants what we want when we want it, especially when it comes to love relationship, so we tend to ignore the inevitable and keep on trying. I’ve done this myself. I may be a therapist, but I am a woman first and I learned these lessons through painful firsthand experience.

In a dating relationship, a man who says, “This relationship doesn’t fit into my 20-year projection,” or a woman who tells you, “I leave everybody with whom I get involved,” is telling you that he or she is not available. And that’s the truth. Most likely this person has chosen this dating relationship with its current limitations because it didn’t have long-term potential in his or her mind. It doesn’t matter how great the sex is, how attractively you dress, or how well you get along, the day will come when you will hit a nasty wall of resistance. You may even hit the wall right after you attain an amazing state of ecstatic union. Then, out of the blue, everything will come to a screeching halt. When suddenly your love interest informs you, “It’s over,” it’s super important to listen to what is being said to you and heed the message. Otherwise you are in for deeper disappointment.

real-signs-of-true-love-in-a-relationshipIronically dating that leads to a true love relationship is terrifying to the hidden part of us that’s responsible for our safety and survival. If we love deeply and surrender to love, fear naturally arises. Opening up to another being tends to bring up old wounds from the past, especially childhood. The survival system can be stronger than the human heart. Its only interest is in protecting us from getting hurt by anyone or anything. For some of us, the possibility of establishing a profound connection poses perhaps the biggest threat. The fear of commitment often masks a deeper issue. You may feel “not good enough,” “engulfed,” “not perfect,” and so on. The fire of passion is literally too hot for many people to handle, so they run away. Without making the soul choice to hang in there and face the fire, our desired connections don’t stand a chance.

There are love relationship tips you can use to let you know that you have snagged someone afraid of connection. See if these sound familiar:

1. After the sexual excitement has died down a bit your lover becomes elusive.
2. Your love interest starts avoiding opportunities to get together, and when you mention it you are called a “complainer.”
3. Any mention on your part of moving into more commitment is met with evasion, “Do what you need to do for yourself. Don’t worry about me.”
4. Your partner develops a roving eye. Sitting at a dinner table you see your beloved watching everyone that passes.
5. The sexual interest dies between you. You express a desire for more affection and are told that you are “too pushy.”

It doesn’t matter what techniques you use in a love relationship. Unless there is an awakening of consciousness and a desire to increase the level of intimacy, there cannot be a breakthrough. In my therapeutic practice I have watched women spend ten years with men who were terrified of being abandoned but were also terrified of commitment. When push comes to shove this type of man chooses his freedom over the woman. He is often too concerned with what he could miss out on later to commit to today.

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In my book, The Passion Principle: Discover Your Personal Passion Signature and the Secrets to Deeper Relationships in Love, Life and Work, I identify 5 signature styles of relating. Each has a healthy balanced, loving aspect, which makes for great relationships and a wounded side, which shows up as the inability to love or commit for one reason or another. They are the Warrior/Conqueror, Lover/Vamp, Creator/Martyr, Prophet/Perfectionist, and Visionary/Perfectionist. To create a breakthrough in receiving the love you want or commit to the love you have, you must step into the balanced healthy aspect of your signature.

In romantic relationships the Warrior is committed, sexy and loyal. The Conqueror works so many hours s/he is not available for commitment. The Lover is wonderful with commitment and intimacy. The Vamp can be desperately needy and make you want to run from commitment. The Creator is fantastic at commitment. The Martyr feels trapped in intimate relationships and runs at the first sign of commitment. The Prophet is a blissfully connected lover. The Escapist is a Houdini who will run from you at the first sign of commitment. The Visionary is positive, high energy and a great mate. The Perfectionist is disappointed by anyone who turns up in the flesh because they are searching for the perfect mate.

love-relationship2The wounded aspects of the “passion signatures” can get in the way of deepening intimacy and cause you to waste precious time. I have seen men and women spend 30 years trying to find Mr. or Ms. Right, and no one was ever good enough. If this type is your partner, you won’t be good enough either.

You can beg a workaholic Conqueror to come home and put your relationship first for decades, only to bury this type of mate before the request is honored. You can also consume five years trying to get a Martyr to join you in a grounded, forward-moving relationship to no avail, and forfeit just as many years of effort trying to establish a significant relationship with a Vamp who is only attracted to the unavailable. Relationships can be used as vessels for growth and healing, but only between willing partners.

A 45-year-old Martyr grew up under the domination of an angry, controlling mother. As an adult, he continued waging battle against his mother by never committing to one woman. In a series of monogamous relationships, he provoked a long stream of women to become hostile and demanding, just like his mother, until the day came when each one could not stand any more and left him in disgust. What he didn’t realize was that his past was ruling his life and that love would elude him forever unless he dealt with his wounds. His latest girlfriend, a woman who wanted to understand her patterns, brought him to my office. She asked me to help her decide whether or not to stay in it, or break it off.

The man was the eternal “nice guy” who would do anything for his woman, except commit. Each of his previous girlfriends only knew this side of him, because he was a chameleon. His defiance of her was never put in her face. It was subtle, insidious, behind-the-back stuff, nothing she could put her finger on. He seemed to be there, in the dating relationship, except he wasn’t really there. He told his new love interest that he was keeping his connections with the other women because he didn’t like to hurt people. He insisted that he wasn’t stringing anyone along . . . it was just that he had never found the one woman to whom he could commit. His fears were sabotaging the relationship.

My client who was the wounded Lover/Vamp had been replaying a traumatic childhood scene of her own with the boyfriend. In relationship with him, she basically was trying to get her abandoning father not to leave. Her dad had walked out on her family when she was a small child, never to be seen again. Both she and her boyfriend were full-grown adults, yet when it came to love they were hopelessly locked in a painful cycle of tug of war. She was sabotaging her happiness by trying to persuade an unavailable man to love her.

Remember: There are no bad guys here. Sometimes we’re ready for things and sometimes we are not. A sign that you are personally unready is that you continue dating people who are also not available when you check below the surface. Or if they are available, you “make” them not good enough, or tell yourself, “Not now.” If you are on the receiving end of a message of reluctance, hang in there for a little while in case your love interest becomes more comfortable. Seek help in processing your feelings if you must. But if you find your self-esteem draining from you while you wait, or you feel less and less valued by your mate, it is time to “cut bait” (break up), toss “the fish” (your partner) back into the sea, and walk away.

There are more easy-to-apply love relationship tips and tools you can use to create commitment in what looks like hopeless cases. In my book, The Passion Principle: Discover Your Passion Signature and the Secrets to Deeper Relationships in Love, Life and Work, you will find lots more to help you have the love relationship you deserve.

Here’s one final thought. If you are in a loving relationship, it is vital that managing the relationship and growing in the relationship become your two highest priorities. You must be honest and diligent, take responsibility for your own energy, feelings, thoughts, and defenses, and try to understand your impact on your partner. This last item matters most when things are going wrong or you want to deepen your connection. These are keys to unleashing romantic passion.

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    Single Dating Places United Kingdom


Regular Dating


67-percent-off-at-fastlife-speed-dating-200762-regularRegular dating is the most popular type of dating. This is because most people like the intimacy of being alone with their significant other. Regular dating is going out with your date alone without other people coming along. Many people like to include dinner and something to do afterwards like the theatre, a concert, or dancing.

Everyone has a different idea of what they believe is romantic. Dinner might be at a fine dining restaurant and the two of you will get dressed up. Some people consider a home cooked meal by candlelight dinner the romantic way to dine on a date.

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This can be the best way to go if you don’t have a lot of money to go out but you want to do something special. In addition, when you cook a meal for your date there is more thought and effort put into it and some people enjoy it much more than they do being treated to a fine restaurant.

date-a-rich-womanThe regular dating experience gives you the opportunity to get to know your date on a more personal level than when you are out with other people.

You can spend the evening talking and enjoying each other. If you are not comfortable with an intimate dating experience on the first date then you might not want to go alone on the first date. You might consider a double or a group date.

Regular dating gives you the opportunity to get to know your date on a personal level. Usually, a regular date will consist of lunch or dinner together and finding something to do afterwards. Regular dating is the preferred method of dating for most people because of the attention and the intimacy.

  • Single Dating Places United Kingdom
    Single Dating Places United Kingdom

Making Dates More Enjoyable and Fun


Ben-and-Heather011Most people are usually nervous when it comes to their first dates. This can make you look like someone who had taken gallons of coffee before the date.

Long silence is always between your conversations with your date, and you are hoping to come up with a few funny lines that can crack the ice.

But sometimes, you’re too late because your date has decided to spend her time with someone else.

Usually, first dates are spent in places where you can sit and talk with your date in order to know each other better.

Some go to the movies, have some coffee at the local coffee house, or dine in an expensive restaurant so as to impress their dates.

Dates like these just need a little jump-start to be more effective. Try adding some adventure or do a set of enjoyable activities together in order to have fun with your dates.

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Some men take their dates to an adventurous place. They go to a few local destinations or historical places within the area. They go around these places whilst having so much to see and many things to talk about. These are times when you
don’t need a funny line to break the silence.

184099-850x540-walk-in-the-parkIn case of rain, you can’t go out and have a walk at the local park or other outdoor spots conducive for talking and knowing each other better.

On the brighter side of things, you can go indoors. Try some shopping malls. There, you can find a wide variety of places to have some coffee.

Drinking coffee doesn’t take four hours or so of sitting and doing nothing since you can talk to your date and get to know her better.

After some time, try inviting your date for a walk at the mall. Go shop for small things with her such as clothes and CDs.

Save some time to go bowling, play video games, or find a bookstore to share your interests with her. The main idea is to interact with your date in order to know her better.

This will surely provide you with a means to bolster your chances of landing a date that can lead to love and romance in the long run.

With this in mind, go and check out places near you for fun activities you and your date will surely enjoy.

  • Single Dating Places United Kingdom
    Single Dating Places United Kingdom

Dating Tip: Make Her Feel Good About Herself


portfolio-bannerDating is the chance to know a person. Surely, men can’t resist the temptation of impressing their dates, especially if the one that they are dating is someone they want.

-Enough about me, I want to know more about you-. This is a simple line that can show your interest to your date. The sincerity of truly wanting to know your date makes this line much stronger and believable.

In a date, you surely will look and hope for good things about the girl. Unfortunately, you will also see her imperfections.

You should not expect your date to be perfect since this will ruin the entire date because she may not live up to your expectations.

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online-dating-guide-header-1500x991You have to let her know and feel that her not so good traits are just minor set backs for you. Let her feel that no matter how the world would react about her not so good traits, you are not ashamed of being with her.

Let her see and feel that you can get along with her. You can smile, laugh, and even do crazy yet nice stuff with her if possible.

Making her feel good about herself will help you earn her respect. This will surely mold you into someone unforgettable.

You may even become a gentleman in her eyes. She will surely tell her friends about someone who makes her feel comfortable.

Making someone feel good about herself in a date is one honorable act that will provide you with a set of favorable events that can lead to love and romance in the long run.

  • Single Dating Places United Kingdom
    Single Dating Places United Kingdom

Dating Tip – Help Him


dating-tipsYour prince charming suddenly came up to you and asks you out. This is a chance of a lifetime, so you said yes.

But how in the world would you know if the date would turn out fine? You certainly wouldn’t know unless it’s over.

You notice that your prince charming is quite nervous on your date. It looks like he had taken gallons of coffee before the date.

It seems that long silence always gets between your conversations. Prince charming then starts to look like he is going to faint. This would turn out to be a bad date unless you try helping him find his words a little.

Maybe he just needs a little push that can provide him with the idea that you want to make this date a memorable one.

Usually, the first date involves going to movies, having lunch, or spending dinner with a lot of sharing. Dates like these just need a little jump-start to be more effective.

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7-Adventurous-Activities-That-You-Need-To-Do-On-Your-Next-Date-1080x675Try suggesting some activities that involve fun and adventure.

Let your prince charming know that you are okay with him. Try helping him get to his words or unfold his plans for your date.

Help him by telling the stuff you want to do and the things you want to try. Places you want to go or places you want him to see would be very good things to tell your date if you want to loosen him up a bit and have fun on your date.

Help your date in conquering the limitations that separate him from you. Help him break the ice. After some time, he may be starting to feel okay and loosen up a bit.

Afterwards, he could then start living up to your knight in shining armor dreams.

  • Single Dating Places United Kingdom
    Single Dating Places United Kingdom

Online Dating – Be Interesting!


Couple-in-Restaurant1-e1373159612270With online dating, it is a great way to meet other single people in your area.  The most possible way for success with online dating is not for those that are the most beautiful or handsome, but rather being the most interesting.  You can get the interest of others with your profile and this should be unique, fun and defiantly honest.  Your online dating profile should be your first priority for your online dating experience.  There are many ways that you can improve your profile so that you have the online dating success story that you are looking for.

The first idea that you can improve your chances of attracting the perfect online person is by placing your pictures online.  If you do not place your pictures it will look like you have something that you want to hide.  This can be even if you are not trying to hide anything.  Placing pictures will show a person what you are like and not just in looks but also in personality.  It is a good idea to place at least one head shot so that people can see a good picture of what you look like.  After that you can use a variety of different pictures to show your hobbies and the things that you do not like.

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datingProfileSMYour profile should always be filled out properly. If you have some of the sections blank, people will not receive much information from your profile.  You should fill out the profile clearly so that you can find another person and let others know if you would be a good match or not.  Age limitations and location preferences are especially important. 

It is important to be short for your profile. If your profile includes many different paragraphs or silly writing, others will not have the patience to continue on reading and they may send you a message. Others will get an impression of you based on the first five seconds of looking at your profile.  You have to be sure that all of the important information that they need can be communicated in this time.  There is a fine line when it comes to the difference between a profile that is too long and one that is too short.  You will need to get out there lots of information but at the same time, you need to leave room for another person to ask questions.

You need to be yourself.  Do not try and be too funny in your profile if you are not usually funny in real life.  Do not lie about anything in your personal life and always be clear so that other people that are looking will not get the wrong idea about whom you are.  Your online profile will be the way that others will learn about you and decide if a conversation with you is going to be a good idea or not.

  • Single Dating Places United Kingdom
    Single Dating Places United Kingdom

Three Keys to the most unforgettable date


539fce8cbb032_-_cos-at-work_mdnDating is such a fun experience for whatever age it is, there is that different feeling of fulfillment and sheer joy as you meet a person you seem to have interest with. This is a means of finding your future life partner. It could also be a way of getting to know you better for through dating, the side of yourself that you are less familiar with is being unraveled.


When one is out on a date, what must he do in order to make the date worth a memory to cherish? Are there strict guidelines to follow? There are actually none, but there could be helpful tips in order for you to make the most out of your date. These tips are really important so that you would be able to act well and enjoy the rest of the time you have with that special person.

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  • Observe punctuality.


couple3Time matters in almost any meeting or activity, it matters most in a date especially if it is the first date. Cliché as it may seem but first impressions last and you have to take good care of your date’s impression of you. It may mean something negative if you fail to arrive on time. You may have all the excuses, but you have to show the best efforts in order not to be late.


  • Remind yourself that you are just excited and not nervous


confidence-dating-adviceThat strange pump of your heart is just going to distract you from doing well and enjoying your time. Well, it is but normal to feel that way but do not allow it to swallow you and stop you from doing the things you wanted to do. If you cannot stand the feeling, see to it that you divert that emotion to something that is more positive. Instead of feeling nervous, you have to remind yourself that you are just excited. This could really help you ease the burden of being worried or pressured. Being nervous does not help out, drop it off.


  • Honesty is still the best policy


You do not have to impress your date by telling tall tales. Sincerity and honesty would always lead you to that acceptance from others. With your honest way of opening yourself to that person you choose to go out with, you would surely reap a warm and honest treatment as well. You could appear impressive without being dishonest. When you are true to what you say and feel, it exudes.


These are just three of the most helpful tips that could make heaven out of your date. Remember, it is the first step to find that lifetime partner you have been waiting for. For more tips, you could find them online. But for the best three tips, stick with our advice.

  • Single Dating Places United Kingdom
    Single Dating Places United Kingdom



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