Date Single Parent: Tips on Having a Successful Date

By Tina L. Jones

single-parent-dating1Do you like to date someone but find out that he is a single parent? Are you worried that it might be difficult for both of you to go out on a date? Are you searching for the best ways on how you can date single parent?

To date single parent can be a challenge for there are various factors that you will need to consider. If it is your first time to date single parent then it can be difficult for you to adjust. However if you are really interested in him, you should not let any issues stop you from going out with him.

When you have decided to pursue the idea of letting yourself date single parent, the following tips can be helpful:

Tip # 1: SP-Dating-1Make sure that you are ready – Before you start to date single parent, ask yourself first if you are prepared to face the different issues. When you date single parent you must consider the fact that when you end having a relationship, you will have to include his child or children in every decisions that you make. You will not only be pleasing one person, you will also need to connect and get the trust of his child/children. Therefore you must be ready to face this factor.

Tip # 2: Single parentingDon’t put too much pressure on yourself – It is a fact that dating a single parent can be a difficult adjustment for you but you should just take it easy. You should not expect too much from yourself and your date. Let the dates or time spent hanging out with him give you enough time to slowly understand your status better. The more time you spend together, the more comfortable you will be with each other’s company. Just enjoy your time with him.

Tip # 3: single-parentingBe open about your feelings – When you date single parent, it is only normal for you to feel anxious about his child/children’s feelings toward you. When he asks you to finally meet his children, you should be honest with your partner if you are not yet ready. You should also freely express how you feel about him and your dating situation. This will enable him to understand your side and take your worries away. When you share your real feelings, your dates will be more enjoyable.

Tip # 4: boy-with-his-motherKnow your expectations – When you decide to date single parent, you must have a good understanding of what to expect from your date. Once you are able to figure out properly what you expect from your dates, you can let him know about it. If you both know and feel that you give and provide what is expected, you can carry on dating. Having no clear idea about your date will leave you confused and unhappy.

Tip # 5: SingleParentDating_09_NonParent_P_newStay positive – If you really like the guy and willing to date him despite his situation, then you must go for it. If you keep a positive attitude, you can have a successful and even have a serious relationship with him in the future.

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