Dating Single Women with a Roommate

By Don Diebel

Dating Single WomenThis week let’s talk about the very important subject of dating single women with a roommate.

I don’t really think it’s fair, but there’s a rule about dating women with a roommate, especially during your first few dates. This rule is that you must also make a good impression on her roommate.

Dating Single Women with a RoommateHer roommate, especially if they are close friends, can have a major influence in their life, which includes dating issues. I’ll guarantee you that your date will ask her roommate’s opinion on what she thinks about you. And it’s very important that her opinion of you be positive. If it’s negative, it could influence her decision as to whether to continue dating you. This is totally unfair! You are dating her, not her roommate, but this is just the way things can work against you.

Meet-SinglesSo, It’s very important to be very friendly towards her roommate, smile and make good eye contact, give her compliments (not too many because it might make your date jealous), and whatever you do, don’t ignore her.

Online_datingLet me warn you that you must never, never come on to her roommate. This shows total lack of respect for your date. Hold your hormones in check no matter how attracted to her roommate you are. Just be friendly towards her and don’t flirt.

There’s another factor to consider when dealing with roommates, which isn’t fair. Her roommate may be jealous of you and say bad things about you that are simply not the truth. I certainly hope this never happens to you. I don’t like someone telling lies about me behind my back, especially if it’s going to interfere with me dating someone that I’m attracted to.

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