How to Plan a Speed Dating Event

purple-lab-worlds-largest-speed-dating-event1Planning a speed dating event let you play Cupid to dozens of people at the same time. Follow these steps to create an evening of lightening-fast dates.

Before the Day of the Event
speed-dating1. Book a venue. Museums, restaurants, banquet halls and clubs are popular places to hold speed dating events. Plan to provide refreshments at the venue such as bottled water, soda and light snacks. Do not serve alcohol.

love_shuffle_SMALL2. Advertise your event in newspapers and in local radio and television commercials. Post signs and put fliers in bars, cafes, clubs and restaurants.
3. Collect personal information from those who sign up, including full name, phone number, address and email address. You’ll use the information later to notify them of matches.

4. Make name tags using a marker for each person who participates. Write only the person’s first name. Include the first letter of the last name if there is more than one person with the same first name.

5. Create 2 sets of cards, one set with all the females’ first names on it and the other set with all the males’ first names. If participants share a first name, add the first letter of those individuals’ last names to each card. Include check boxes before each person’s name.

On the Day of the Event
Fan Choice speed dating_tcm25-194101. Set up tables with 2 chairs each at the venue on the day of the event. Place the bell, whistle or alarm in a location where all participants can hear it.

2. Meet and greet participants at the door to the venue to ensure they feel comfortable and welcome. Give each person his name tag, card and pen or pencil.

3. Explain the rules of the event to the group, making sure that everyone understands how the evening works.

4. Read through each of the cards once the event has ended, noting where matches occur.

event_1441238225. Call or email those individuals who selected potential matches to give them the information they need to establish contact.

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