Safety Tips For Dating Single Parents Online

By Pieter West

Single_Parent_DatingOnline dating no longer carries with it the stigma that it once did. Now it is perfectly acceptable to find people to date online. Many single parents prefer to find future dates through online dating services because it allows them to fill out their profiles and peruse potential mates without having to leave the house. They can look for dates when they have a few spare moments instead of trying to schedule dating time. Meeting dates online is also a great way to get to know someone before agreeing to go on a “real” date with someone. If it doesn’t click online or over the phone then there is no pressure to meet in person. Of course, when you look for tips for dating single parents online it is important to remember to take extra precaution to stay safe!

Articles that offer online dating parents advice usually trend toward the “how to make yourself sound even more appealing in your profile!” This article, on the other hand offers online dating parents advice on how to find someone to date while also taking extra measures to keep themselves and their kids safe.

Here are some tips for dating single parents online who want to know how to stay safe while they peruse the online dating profile services.

1. your profileAside from the couple of pictures of yourself that you will post to give your profile personality, do not ever post photos of your children on an online dating profile. You should be honest about being a single parent, obviously, but you should not post photos. Posting photos of your kids is a good way to be targeted by pedophiles and creeps who are only trolling for their next victims.

2. iStock_000016154661XSmallDo not mention your children’s’ names or ages when you fill out your online dating profile. Much like posting their photos, this will open you up for being targeted by pedophiles or creeps who are searching for their next victims. A good rule of thumb is to mention in your profile that you are a single parent but leave out any details about your kids until you get to know and trust your potential date. In fact, if you are not yet sure about meeting someone in person, you should not be sharing any information about your children with him or her.

3. dateless_0241-e1399474702163Do not post your physical address online. Ever. There are no exceptions to this rule.

4. 459358085Much like dating in real life, take your time getting to know someone you met through an online dating portal. This is a vital piece of online dating parents advice. Get to know someone through messages on the system, then e-mail, then on the phone and then in person at a neutral location. If at any point you stop feeling comfortable communicating with the person, end things.

There are all sorts of tips for dating single parents online that teach you how to create a snazzy profile. That is all fine and good but while you do that make sure that you follow this article’s tips for online dating parents advice on how to stay safe.

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