Single Man: Finding Your Perfect Match

By Eriani Doyel

visual_article_129Are you a single man who is looking for that perfect someone to spend your life with? If you are, you may be frustrated by your lack of success in dating as a single man. What are people looking for in a match? Do they expect perfection? People are actually looking for many different things in a potential partner-and some do expect perfection-but perfection is in the eye of the beholder and you can make yourself a perfect match-if you work at it. Here are some suggestions for any single man or woman:

datingf_01. The first thing that every single man should do is to take a long hard look at himself. Are you easy to get along with? Even if you are shy and do not socialize a lot as a single man, are you able to maintain meaningful friendships with others? It is important that you have good communication skills and that you are a really good listener. People love to be listened to and they can tell when you honestly care about them and what they are saying. If you know how to be a good friend you will go a long way towards a more committed relationship.

MI+couple+romantic+ideas+hearts++Getty2. The next thing that every single man who is looking for a partner should do is evaluate their looks. We all judge on looks first whether we like to admit it or not. Keep your clothing and your hair neat and fashionable while keeping your body in good shape and clean.

curtis-hadzicki-are-you-the-one-season-2-cast-photos-mtv3. Put yourself on the market. People need to know that you are there-so it is important that you go where the people are. If you like hiking, join a hiking club. If you are religious, go to church functions. If you like to do community service, find a way. You will meet people with similar interests and they will be interested in you.

then be yourself4. If you want to be liked for who you are, then be yourself. Develop those skills and talents which you enjoy and you will project that confidence to others which will attract them to you.

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