The Right Time to Kiss Your Date


dc-Cover-5dh2tkhggnvaum6ehn4mu9c5l2-20160517123452.MediSome men may not know or do not have the slightest idea if a woman is ready to be kissed. These men may be sittingbeside their dates talking too much they suddenly realizehow the lips of their dates are so kissable.

Their imagination will then take control, but this wouldalso mean disaster if done wrong. This may often leavethese men without a second chance for another date with thewoman.

If a guy finds himself talking to a girl and wondering ifshe’s ready to be kissed, he may softly touch her hair andgive a compliment about it.

If the girl shows a favorable reaction, this may be a signof getting closer to a kiss. Get closer and try reachingfor her hair again.

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kiss-1600x800Touch the hair tips and simply gaze on her lips and eyes. The fact that she does not mind about you getting closer to her is a sign that she is comfortable. This is a sign for a guy to go and kiss the girl.

Some guys try to go out on an adventurous date in order to make the kissing move more suave and natural. One particular example is a guy who usually takes a girl to a small boat ride on a river.

Upon sailing along the river, he happens to direct the boat to a place covered with trees and fireflies – truly a romantic place to kiss.

A guy can also take her date to some ancient ruins in a local spot and manage to spend time walking until dark. These ruins usually light up at night.

The guy can take his date to the top of the ruins where they can see the city all beautifully lit up. This is when the guy should make a move and kiss his date.

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